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From Campus to Corporate : Jai Hind’s Business Conclave Writes Success Stories.


Jai Hind College (Autonomous), Mumbai organised the second edition of a 2-day corporate event called the Jai Hind Business Conclave on the 15th and 16th of December 2023.

The Conclave was organized under the guidance of Principal Dr. Vijay Dabholkar, Faculty

Chairperson Dr. Rakhi Sharma and Faculty Advisor Aditi Saini.

The conclave consisted of a plethora of speaker sessions, workshops, and management events.

Dr. Rakhi Sharma while addressing the audience said – “The Conclave aimed at providing a unique platform for industry leaders, business heads, and the policymakers of our country to drive forward innovative ideas and foster a shared vision for a better, brighter, and rejuvenated India.”

On the inaugural day, participants faced a series of challenges that assessed their intellect, creativity, and knowledge. Engaging games and activities seamlessly integrated diverse business aspects. From the strategic negotiations of “To be Blunt” to the dynamic application of business skills in life-sized board games like “Biztown Bonanza” and “Business Backstabber,” the day offered a blend of enjoyment and practical experience

Other exciting events included our flagship event Zero Rupees 2.0, risk hai toh ishq hai, corporate crucible and more!

Day 2 unfolded with a captivating lineup! Mr. Manish Mehta from Kotak Mahindra Asset Management set the tone with a visionary Keynote. The financial world was explored by Mr Srinivas Jain of SBI Mutual Funds. Mrs. Anahita Kumar delved into the intersection of law and business at Kellogg’s. Entrepreneurial flair took centre stage with Mr. Arjun Vaidya, Founder of Dr. Vaidya, blending tradition and modernity. Lastly, the dynamic duo, Mr Harsh Kamdar and Ms Hetvi Kamdar of Trading Secrets, revealed the secrets behind their past entrepreneurial success. Day 2 was a journey filled with inspiration, knowledge, and game-changing insights!

The team consisted of Student Secretary Bhavika Moolrajani; Deputy Secretaries Arnav Mirchandani and Tamanna Tripathi, Joint Secretaries Shreya Kuchhal, Alaika Cabral, Navya Thakur, Vitra Jain, Siddhi Ojha, and Diya Agarwal; along with Student

Coordinators Tia Ghose, Iya Gurbani, Shubhangi Mishra, Ananya Sachdev, Jeet Malkani, Prarthna Mehta, Mishael Balwani, Khalid Khan, Kashish Manglani, Srishti Kumath, Anushka Pugalia, Nikhil Kukreja, Bhoomika Jeswani and Daksh Menghani.



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