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Pioneering Leadership- Radhika Balakrishnan launches CXO Incubator


Radhika Balakrishnan, a seasoned executive coach with a passion for unlocking leadership potential, announces the CXO Incubator program. With over two decades of corporate experience and a deep understanding of leadership dynamics, Radhika aims to revolutionize the way professionals ascend to leadership positions. The CXO Incubator program, embodies Radhika’s vision of cultivating a community of purpose-driven leaders. The pilot run of this programme has already welcomed over 150 professionals who have completed the sessions and joined the community.


Tailored for high-performing mid to senior-level professionals aspiring to lead from CXO positions and boardrooms, the CXO Incubator integrates coaching methodologies, counseling tools, and Radhika’s extensive corporate expertise. The CXO Incubator transforms mid to senior-level professionals into leaders. Led by Radhika, it offers strategic skills, core values identification, and a strong personal brand. With cohort-based learning and a maximum of 25 members per batch, the program focuses on thought leadership, impact creation, and executive presence enhancement over 18 months.


Having embarked on her journey in the corporate world after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and joining ICICI Bank in 2002, Radhika identified a critical gap in leadership development. Despite possessing the right qualifications and skills, not all professionals could ascend to leadership positions at the same pace. This realization ignited her quest to uncover the elusive “X factor” that differentiates extraordinary leaders from the rest. Radhika’s journey of self-discovery led her to explore various disciplines, including Hindu Vedantic studies, Western philosophies, counselling, coaching, and even physical challenges like scaling the Everest base camp. Through this eclectic mix of experiences, she found her true calling: empowering high-performing professionals to unleash their full potential and ascend to leadership roles.


Radhika Balakrishnan shared, “Through the CXO Incubator, I’m on a mission to unlock the latent leadership potential within professionals and cultivate a community of purpose-driven leaders. By combining coaching methods, counselling tools and my corporate experience, we are empowering individuals to rise above the ordinary and lead with clarity, purpose & impact. Together, we’re not just shaping careers; we’re shaping a future where leadership is synonymous with contribution and empowerment.”


Hardik Sanghavi, Senior Vice President, Information technology, Kotak Securities, shared “I’m truly grateful for the transformative experience in the CXO incubator’s 9-week program with Radhika as my coach. She skillfully guided me in discovering my niche, passion, and purpose, and the emphasis on actionable steps truly sets this program apart. The strategic insights and personalized guidance from Radhika has propelled me forward. Being part of a vibrant community of future CXOs is adding immense value, fostering collaboration and growth. Excited about the path ahead towards my journey to CXO role under her guidance and mentorship. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a coach who goes beyond theory and truly empowers action.”


For those seeking personalized attention, Radhika offers tailored one on one coaching sessions to address specific needs and challenges. Her coaching approach is rooted in the “Inside Out” method, emphasizing clarity of thought as the cornerstone of achieving desired outcomes. Looking ahead, Radhika aspires to make the CXO Incubator the most vibrant purpose-driven community of leaders. Over the next three years, she aims to impact over five lakh professionals, contributing to India’s goal of achieving multi-trillion-dollar growth through purpose-driven leadership. Reflecting on her journey and the support she received along the way, Radhika emphasizes the importance of empowerment and giving back to society. Her ultimate goal is to create purpose-driven leaders who, in turn, will empower others and perpetuate the cycle of positive change.


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