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Good Luck Producer Dr.(Er.) Azad Jain opens up about his decision to back the film, his working experience and more


Dr.(Er.) Azad Jain of Asha Azad Films, who has produced as well as acted in the upcoming film “Good Luck” starring Brijendra Kala, discusses his character, his experience working on the film, and more. The movie is set to hit theaters on April 5th.

Directed by Prakhar Shrivastava, “Good Luck” marks the debut of 80-year-old Malti Mathur as the lead actress, playing Kala’s mother. The film boasts a large ensemble cast, including Dr.(Er) Azad Jain himself, Tulika Banerjee, Ashutosh Upadhyay, Pankaj Waghle, Sagar Shende, Ayushi Shukla, Keshav Sharma, Bhushan Jain, and Virendra Nathaniel.

Dr.(Er.) Azad Jain shares his reasons for supporting the film: “Before this, I had made about 18 short films that won national and international awards. When I read the script for ‘Good Luck,’ I really liked it. It touches on the lives of people from all walks of life – the poor, the middle class, the elite. It doesn’t matter how much education someone has; everyone can relate to this story. That’s what appealed to me the most. I wanted to make a comedy, a satire on society. Those were the reasons I decided to back this project.”

When asked about similarities between “Good Luck” and the film “Badhai Ho,” he clarifies, “There are no similarities between ‘Badhai Ho’ and ‘Good Luck,’ neither in the story, the storytelling, nor the ending. The only thing they have in common is pregnancy, but the way it’s handled is completely different.”

He reveals details about his character in the film: “I play a character named Jhunjhun, Angoori’s son-in-law. He and his wife have been trying to get pregnant for the past 25 years, but haven’t had any luck. He’s constantly sad about life. The character is simple yet interesting to portray.”

Discussing his taste in films as a producer, he states, “I’m particularly drawn to well-developed comedies and social satires. Those are my favorite subjects. I’m also open to thrillers and suspense films in the future.”

Sharing his experience working with Brijendra Kala, he says, “I really enjoyed working with Mr. Kala. He’s a very easygoing person to collaborate with. This isn’t our first time working together; I’ve acted alongside him in a feature film before


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